Watch: Mgr Grech urges public to stay home and abide by health directives

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Apostolic Administrator for Gozo Bishop Mario Grech has urged the public to remain home and abide by the directives given by the health authorities in a new video which was published by the Diocese of Gozo.

He explained that one leaves their home and meets other people, one is not only putting at risk oneself but also others.

Bishop Mario Grech who was brought back to Malta on a repatriation flight and is currently under quarantine said that through this experience our mask has fallen off and we are showing our true vulnerable selves.

The Church in Malta and Gozo has closed all its churches and suspended mass in a bid to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The outbreak has disrupted daily life, with schools closing down, many people asked to work from home and other measures being taken to help contain the spread.

Mgr Grech referred to a number of initiatives which took off as soon as restrictions were imposed. He said it is encouraging to see various individuals showing solidarity and assisting the elderly and most vulnerable individuals within our communities.

He warned against panic buying, saying that hoarding on essential products might lead to a situation were those without disposable income cannot buy beforehand and will end up being deprived of that product.

He urged the public to cherish life especially in such dark times.

Mgr Grech also showed his gratitude towards those on the frontline battling Covid-19, mentioning doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers as well as the disciplined forces. He also mentioned the priests whom he described as “spiritual doctors” that are accompanying the flock in this difficult moment.

He urged the public to pray and hope, ending his message that with God’s help we shall overcome this moment.

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