Watch: MEP hopefuls discuss their targets with Birdlife

Birdlife Malta has hosted a Breakfast Debate at their headquarters in Salina, with MEP candidates hoping to be elected for the European Parliament this May.

The candidates weighing in on the discussions were Robert Micallef and Alfred Sant (PL), Peter Agius and Frank Psaila (PN), Carmel Cacopardo (AD) and Anthony Buttigieg (PD). Fellow EP hopefuls also made up the audience and the debate.

Among the topics presented for discussion were concerns over the local efforts to protect Natura 2000 sites and ODZ land, the fuel station policy and the Malta-Gozo Tunnel.

The discussion follows a questionnaire which Birdlife Malta had submitted to all 41 MEP candidates over their positions on local and global environmental issues.

What are MEP candidates’ views on the environment? – Birdlife

(Footage and Editing Kristina Govorukha and Jose Luque)