Watch: Man jumps from Open Arms vessel; situation is desperate

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Spanish Migrant rescue NGO Open Arms has said that a man jumped from their vessel hoping to reach land.

The Italian Coast Guard is understood to have intervened to rescue the migrant.

The NGO reports that the incident happened as panic and tension on board the rescue vessel has intensified.  It is the 19th day since the migrants on board the Open Arms vessel had been rescued and unable to be disembarked at a port of safety.

‘The situation is desperate. We’re running out of words.’

The news follows a medical evacuation of 8 people from the vessel by the Italian authorities.

Open Arms’ founder Oscar Camps warned that the situation at sea was turning the vessel into a detention centre inside Italian territorial waters.

In recent days, the Spanish Government offered to disembark those on board, in Spain. The NGO refused to not re-route the vessel from Lampedusa to Spain because of the urgency of the situation board.

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