Watch: Man hacks Disney movie to propose to girlfriend

The bar for romantic marriage proposals has now been set ridiculously high!

Lee Loechler wanted to find the perfect way to propose to his high school sweetheart, cardiologist Sthuthi David. So, he took her to the cinema to see her favorite movie, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

However, little did she know that Loechler, together with illustrator Kayla Coombs, had spent six months changing the animation of the scene when the Prince kisses Aurora by making the characters look like the couple themselves, as well as changing the storyline to set up him popping the big question.

The initial look of confusion on David’s face is priceless. Does she say yes? Do they have a ‘happy ever after’ together ? Watch the video above to find out.

The whole thing was videoed by friends and family which made up the cinema audience (David only realised that the audience was made up of people she knew and loved after the lights came up).

If you are thinking of proposing to your loved one this year (and remember, it’s a leap year, so tradition decrees that the 29th February is the date for women to propose to their partners)… you have some big boots to fill!