Watch: Man from Nostra Madre di Loreto lifted by helicopter to Malta

A man had to lifted by helicopter and flown to Malta from the vessel Nostra Madre di Loreto as he lost consciousness following a week blocked on board the vessel with another 11 persons. Maltese and Italian authorities are holding back from assisting the migrants as they have been rescued in Libyan waters.

The man seemed to be highly dehydrated. The other migrants on the vessels also seem to be bearing he toll of the uncertain days at sea. Proactiva Open Arms who is assisting the migrants said that there are two children who have been tortured in detention camps in Libya on board the vessel.

The fishermen on board the Nosta Madre di Loreto are refusing to take the migrants back to Libya. The UNHCR has appealed for an urgent solution to the matter.

The migrants originate from Egypt, Niger, Senegal, Somalia and Sudan.


Footage: Oscar Campus (Proactiva Open Arms founder)