Watch: Man creates ‘cuddle curtain’ to hug his grandma

The heartwarming moment Anthony Cauvin was finally able to hug his grandmother was caught on camera.

Miriam Cauvin / Facebook

Plasterer Antony Cauvin from Stratford-upon-Avon, UK has created a shower curtain with arms which enables him to give a hug to his grandmother Lily after months not being able to because of the current situation.

Introducing… ‘The Cuddle Curtain’ 💕😍❤️

Posted by Miriam Cauvin on Friday, May 15, 2020

The footage, filmed by his wife Miriam, shows them giggling as they give each other a big hug. Cauvin has said that the sleeves and the curtain are disinfected after each hug and anyone who uses it has to wear a pair of disposable gloves for extra safety.

He has left it in his grandparents’ garden for their seven other grandchildren and three great-grandchildren to use.

This followed after 10-year-old girl called Paige from California created a similar contraption to be able to hug her own grandparents.

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