Watch: Man abandons dog in blazing sun after being told sanctuary is full

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

On a Facebook post, Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary posted about an incident where a man allegedly tied up a dog and abandoned him in the blazing sun after being told that the sanctuary has no more space.

After being denied his request due to limited space, the man allegedly “tied the dog to the roadside pole and ran off to join the van that brought him”.


The sanctuary said that the man told them that he had found the dog on the streets, but his landlord did not allow him to keep the pet in his apartment. The sanctuary also added that he said that Animal Welfare sent him there.

A post on another Facebook group is currently trying to identify the man as photos showed that he was allegedly wearing a company uniform, consisting of a red shirt with an ‘F’ on the left breast pocket.

The dog is now believed to be at the care of the sanctuary.