Watch: Maltese youths volunteer with orphans in Cambodia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A group of 10 enthusiastic Maltese youths have decided to travel the extra mile and donate their time and knowledge by volunteering with children in an orphanage in Cambodia.

Gaby, Sean, Cheryl, Steve, Angie, Amy, Shantelle, Marija, Sarah and Dorianne are currently in Cambodia on behalf of the voluntary organisation Reaching Cambodia, which helps and improves the lives of poor, orphan and street children; particularly focused in Cambodia.

“They are very sweet, appreciate everything, and full of energy”

The youths are spending two weeks helping and enjoying the adorable company of children, who were described as being very sweet, appreciative and full of energy. The children participate in different activities and games, ranging from singing and dancing to reading and crafts. Moreover, the volunteers take some time to teach them mathematics and English, first aid, personal hygiene, cooking and other life skills.

Sean told that they are experiencing the simple life, as they witness children appreciating every little thing.

Reaching Cambodia explained that being born into a country with one of the highest rates of child prostitution, domestic violence and child labour, Cambodian children are among the most deprived, exploited and abused in the world.

It is believed that 40% of Cambodian children under five years of age are chronically malnourished, and 7% of children die before their fifth birthday, largely due to causes normally preventable elsewhere.

The call for volunteers is always open, and you can register your interest by sending an email to, or by calling 79056371.

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