Watch: Maltese youths and immigrants share a meal at the Archbishop’s Curia

Archbishop Charles Scicluna announced that he will be hosting a dinner service open for Maltese youths and immigrants, hosted at the yard of the Curia in Floriana.

Calling the activity ‘A Good Neighbourhood Dinner’, Mgr. Scicluna stated that 30 youths and 30 immigrants will be able to eat together, on the 11th of June. He described this activity as an opportunity for youths to interact and learn to live together.

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Mgr. Scicluna explained that he used the word “learn” because it takes work to reach the goal. He referred to the Parish of Balzan, in which multiple positive experiences have already been achieved. In Balzan there is a house which hosts immigrants originating from various countries around the world, such as Ghana and Nigeria.