Watch: Maltese siblings with a passion for sailing

Siblings Francesca and Laura Zammit hailing from Marsascala are both into sailing, having trained since they were seven years old. spoke to the siblings on Friday after the Maiden’s farewell.

15-year-old Laura described sailing as something she really wanted to do, she explained that after seeing her sister practise, she got interested in the sport too and took it up. Laura took part in various competitions. When asked what she thought of the initiative she said that it was good to encourage women to take up sailing. Recalling moments during their training, she said that she enjoyed the training sessions in summer much more since they are usually take place at a slower pace. Training does not stop for the girls, with Laura explaining that training takes place both in summer and in winter and usually kicks off early in the morning and finishing about 3pm or 4pm sometimes even later.

Her elder sister, 19-year-old Francesca, was always passionate about sea-related activities, and told that it was her father who had encouraged her to take up sailing. As a young girl she would go fishing with her father and she enjoyed swimming. Her father then suggested that she should give sailing a try, which she did. Describing competitions abroad, Francesca said that it was a completely different experience when compared to Malta, primarily because the community in Malta was small while abroad one would be overwhelmed with the amount of boats for example. Regardless of the competition outcomes, Francesca said that the different experience brings with it a lot of lessons to be learnt and new friendships, some of which she keeps to this day.

Both Francesca and Laura are members of the Birżebbuġia Sailing Club.