Watch: Maltese priest says describes Christmas in Kenya

Christmas celebrations in Kenya differ from the celebrations in Malta, according to Canon Mario Cassar who is currently based in Kenya. Canon Cassar explained that while the church functions in Kenya are similar to the what goes on in the Church in Malta, the decorations put up for Christmas are definitely less.

Canon Cassar was interviewed by Sylvana Debono on RTK 103FM and is currently based in Watamu in Kenya. He explained that there is no tradition of decorating houses or streets as one would see in Malta. When asked if houses are decorated, he replied that houses were not decorated explaining that sometimes even if they wished to, they would not have the means.

Canon Cassar explained that his work is with people living in poverty sometimes starving. He spoke of his feeding programme, saying that most of the time its orphans living with grandparents who are not feeling well. He explained that 40 orphans who turn up daily for food ata designated place.

He explained that when in Malta he collects funds and encourages people to become volunteers.