Watch: Maltese composer makes music out of loneliness

The Heart-To-Heart phone line and musical project is the brainchild of Luke Saydon.

Luke Saydon is a Maltese composer currently living in the UK who, prior to the coronavirus epidemic, lead several choirs and community projects across the the country.

Of course, due to the current situation, all his projects have been put on hold.

“This was devastating for so many of the participants as these projects are a social lifeline for them,” he explained during an exclusive interview with, “What I realised was that some people here were in the depths of loneliness; people who don’t live with their families, people who live alone, widows. All of these people, over-80s, over-90s, who had absolutely nothing. They don’t have internet access, they don’t have computers.”

Saydon came up with the idea of setting up a telephone line called Heart-to-Heart to keep communities in touch with each other, specifically for people dealing with self-isolation who don’t have access to the internet. People call the phone line for chats… and out of those chats come many inspiring stories.

With their permission, Saydon has used their words – and sometimes even their own voices – as inspiration for a series of lockdown mini-musicals.

With three episodes of these podcasts published so far, these 15-minute musicals are like dramatised diaries of people’s thoughts during this time. For example, a caller inspired a story about learning how to give someone an embrace again after a long time spent apart. Another is a story of humanitarian kindness, while yet another is about perception of people with dementia.

“Community has never been more important than now, and this project hopes to keep us all connected. We’ve all got stories to share, and we’ve never had more time to do just that,” Saydon says.

The Heart-To-Heart phone line and musical project are ongoing. Phone lines are open to anyone from every corner of the world (be it the UK, Malta or anywhere else in the world).

Should you liked to get involved artistically or would like to support the project in any way, you can get in touch via email on

The phone line is open 24/7 on +44 7312 077361.

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