Watch: Maltese choir sings of togetherness and strength

The message is 'Malta is together, and together we are stronger'.

Regarded as on one of Malta’s finest choral ensembles, VOCA Choir’s mandate is to make a diversity of choral music, performed to the highest standard, accessible to a growing audience.

Now that they cannot meet for rehearsals, they decided instead to come together virtually by recording their rendition of The Cranberries’ song ‘Zombie’, together with a band.

VOCA Choir spokesperson Corinne Falzon told that they chose this particular song as they felt that they needed a choir song, so to show the strength and how compact they are as a choir.

“In this period of time its important that no one feels alone and although at times it feels like these are dark moments we believe that together everything can be achieved, even having 40 choir and band members working and ending up with such production,” she said, “The note at the end is the message we would like to get through that in this Malta is together, and together we are stronger, its important to be a bit patient but better days will come. Lets all be one. We hope this brings a bit of hope in peoples’ homes.”

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