Watch: Maltese air taxi company involved in Italian tax fraud

At least one Maltese air taxi company is involved in the latest tax evasion unveiled by the Italian law enforcement agency, Guardia di Finanza (GdF). Through data analysis and observations, the Italian authorities uncovered a practice used by air taxis ferrying wealthy people to Costa Smeralda. From the investigations carried out by GdF in collaboration with the Italian Civil Aviation Authority and the operator of the airport of Costa Smeralda, it emerged that these air taxi companies evaded taxes.

According to a statement by the GdF, the companies failed to comply with a regulatory provision introduced in 2011 which introduced a tax of €100 in case the flight was less than 1,500km and €200 if it was a longer flight.  By analysing data provided by the airport as well as observing the landings taking place, the authorities found that 54 foreign air taxis companies failed to pay their taxes as required by the aviation regulations. The Italian media reported that the companies involved are from Germany (14), Austria (9), United Kingdom (6), Serbia (3), Luxembourg (2), Czech Republic (5), Romania, Bermuda, among others which include at least one Maltese air taxi company.

The companies owe €2 million to the Italian authorities and an additional €600,450 in fines for violating the regulation.