Watch: Malta to participate in procurement of COVID-19 vaccine – Fearne

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Health Minister Chris Fearne said that Malta will participate in the European Union COVID-19 joint procurement initiative of equipment and vaccine.

In a statement, the Health Ministry said that Fearne has called for more coordination and cooperation at EU borders to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus from China.

The Ministry says that the current situation of this outbreak still allows for this possibility and therefore this coordination and cooperation at the EU’s points of entry should be one of the priorities in order to contain this outbreak. Malta welcomes the current efforts being undertaken by the European Commission on this matter and will be participating in joint procurement both of the equipment needed and also of a new vaccine.

Fearne was speaking during the extraordinary EPSCO (Health Council) in Brussels today to discuss methods of cooperation amongst Member States.

Fearne said that there should be more harmonisation of the isolation and quarantine practices. He said that such harmonisation would enable Member States to better contain the outbreak within the EU’s common borders.

Fearne also called for more funding to be available for research of a vaccine that would treat this virus along with funding to better coordinate information sharing. He remarked that should this virus turn out to be a seasonal virus, then a new vaccine would be needed by next winter.