Watch: Malta places 1st for most events per capita in Europe Code Week

This October, EU Code Week is again helping transform lives by making digital skills and innovation come to life for citizens across Europe and beyond.

For the third consecutive year, Malta placed first with the most events per capita on the  scoreboard among more than 70 participating countries.

From the 5th to 20th October, schools, non-profits, coding clubs, and other organisations are being invited to host activities centred on coding and computational thinking. Participants are invited to organise an activity, sign up via the EU Code Week website, and spread the word amongst their networks.

Malta has once again surpassed the 50 percent school participation target set by the EU Commission with more than 80 percent of local schools participating in this initiative. Moreover, this year Malta has more than doubled the activities.

Maltese schools have been busy organising coding activities. As evidenced in the EU Code website, local teachers of all levels and subjects have been organising various activities with their students. Plugged and unplugged activities making use of a wide range of resources ranging from simple pen and paper to robotic kits celebrate creativity, collaboration and learning through coding activities for people of all ages.

This event was supported by The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills, Malta eSkills Foundation, MCAST Digital Literacy within SFCE Foundation for ICT Accessibility Esplora Interactive Science Centre Malta Libraries Digital Education in Malta and other private entities.

Next year Code Week will be held between the 10th and 25th October 2020. Students and educators are encouraged to learn more about how to participate in EU Code Week, access resources for learning and teaching how to code, and find out how to organise an activity by searching Europe Code Week online.