Watch: Malta offers Libya cooperation in the education sector

The Maltese Government offered cooperation to Libyan authorities, from the University of Malta and from the Maltese College of Arts, Science and Technology, MCAST, for assistance in English teaching, as well as educational programmes on how to build personal skills and values towards job creation and the resolution of problems and disputes without violence.

On Monday, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Evarist Bartolo and Minister for Education Justyne Caruana visited Tripoli for meetings with Libyan Education Minister Othman Abdul, Foreign Minister Mohamed Siyala, and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq, the Maltese government announced.

During the visit Minister Evarist Bartolo said that through their visit, the Maltese Ministers went to Libya with the best weapon in hand, that of education. He stressed that the best weapon Libya needs for a future of peace and progress is well-educated young people to build their country, their society, and lives, and to enjoy their great wealth.

From her end,  Minister Justyne Caruana said that the meetings involved substantive talks on a way forward and both countries agreed to share their experiences and build upon them.

The Maltese delegation stressed the importance of having a Libya of peace and prosperity in the hands of the Libyans.

A courtesy visit to Maltese Bishop Gorg Bugeja was also held in Tripoli.