Watch: Malta is Manchester United’s official global destination partner

The Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi has announced that Malta is Manchester United’s official global destination partner, citing benefits for Malta’s exposure via events in other countries involving the players, as well as via the use of the English football club’s social media and television channels. 

Answering a question posed by, Mizzi stated that this three-year partnership with Manchester United will mean the ability to collaborate with First Team players in order to organise events in markets that Malta will be targeting. He listed these markets to be the United States, South Korea, Japan, China and other ‘interesting markets’.  

He added that such a partnership will also be an opportunity for exposure for Malta during all the club’s home matches, as signs saying “Visit Malta” are already flashing all around the perimeter of the Manchester United stadium, Old Trafford. He also explained that Malta can use the football club’s social media platforms to promote events in Malta, as well as use MUTV which is the television channel owned and operated by the same club.

“Football is an international language we’ll use to tell the story of our partnership” – Director of Partnerships

The Director of Partnerships for Manchester United, Sean Jefferson, said that this partnership will allow the telling of a story: that of a bond with Malta that Manchester United wish to share with their millions of fans around the world. “Football is an international language, one that bonds…a language that we will use to tell the story of our partnership”, were Jefferson’s words. 

He described this partnership as the beginning of a fantastic friendship, following a relationship that traces back 60 years. Jefferson went on to add that there is a genuine love between the island, the club, and the fans, saying that this is because of the vibrant atmosphere and culture, as well as the friendly and welcoming people.

This relationship is a result of the Maltese Manchester United Supporters’ Club starting up in 1959, making them the club’s first and oldest official fan club. 

During the press conference, the Minister for Tourism said that his dream was to partner with a world class brand, and with 1.1 billion fans around the world, as well as the bonds with Malta, Manchester United was the obvious choice.

Mizzi explained that the idea for a partnership was conceptualised a few years ago, and that the ministry started to engage with Manchester United after the 60th anniversary celebration of the Maltese supporters’ club, which was held early this year in Manchester. He explained that they asked for a meeting with the club, and discussions ensued which also involved the permanent secretary Ronald Mizzi, as well as the Malta Tourism Authority.