Watch: Malta Day celebrated in 18 countries

    The celebration, which takes place across September and October, focuses on recognising Malta’s successes and future direction.

    The month-long celebrations are annually held at the Maltese missions in Palestine, Geneva, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Tunisia, Israel, Republic of Turkey, UK, India, Beijing China, Washington DC, Australia, Poland, Strasbourg, the Netherlands, Moscow, Greece, Kuwait, New York.

    In his video message to the missions, Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela talked about how Malta would, ‘continue expanding its horizons, by strengthening already existing ties with other countries, while establishing new ones.’

    ‘No matter what a country’s geographical size is, it is through our unity that change can truly be achieved,’ the Minister explained.

    Minister Abela also made mention of Malta’s values in terms of ‘democracy, the rule of law, freedom of expression, pluralism, inclusion, protection of human rights of the individual, and much more. He explained the success that Malta is gaining and recalled how over recent years, Malta has distinguished itself and was at the forefront of  embracing change and social and economic opportunities, rather than allowing its fate to be formed only by external factors.’

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