Watch: Major water services overhaul in the pipeline

The Water Services Corporation have announced that they have made leaps and bounds when it comes to its EU funded overhauling of the Maltese islands’ water production and distribution services, costing a total of over $130 million.

The overhaul will mean that seawater desalination plants will be upgraded, with Reverse Osmosis energy requirements going down 8.1%. There will also be a 4 billion litre reduction in Ground Water abstraction, as well as an increased production of 7 billion litres with more than 400 dispensers for agriculture.

Gozo will also be benefiting from a new Reverse Osmosis which capacity of 9 million litres a day, giving more security and high-quality water, according to the statement by the Corporation.

Malta’s water quality will also be improved upon in terms of distribution and blending with a €33 million tunnel between Pembroke and Tà Qali. The sewage network will also be upgraded with new sewage treatment technology.