Watch: Maintenance works to enhance MCC will improve tourism product

Maintenance works are currently being undertaken at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, taking advantage of the fact that the building is currently closed to the general public.

Works by MCC employees have been carried out on the wooden openings at street level that have deteriorated over the years as well as the broken travertine in the Sacra Infermeria hall.

Structural and electrical work was also carried out in the hall where the La Vallette hologram will be housed. Galvanized iron trays have been placed on the roofs so that rainwater can flow smoothly into existing gutters. Two pantries have been set up near the halls so that catering during conferences can be served more efficiently.

Furthermore, a new location has been identified to separate the waste and store it in less inconvenient areas. Work was also carried out on wooden beams and slabs in some of the offices and a number of iron gates controlling internal access from one area to another have been changed.  

Extensive maintenance of the proscenium arch was carried out in Republic Hall. The stage vault was repainted and the main drainage area under the main stage was also replaced.

During a visit, Minister for Tourism Julia Farrugia Portelli remarked that that this improvement in this historic building that is a tourist attraction, will result in a more attractive experience for those who will resume visiting our country.

Also present were MCC Pierre Fenech, who stated that all this work will result in greater operational efficiency, and Permanent Secretary Ronald Mizzi.