Watch: Local musicians come together to create song for charity

Local music scene stalwart Wayne Camilleri put the world’s present predicament on hold, bringing together some of the islands’ finest musicians under one roof (figuratively speaking) – or better still, one track – for charity.

“The track is a sign of hope, which starts off with loneliness, confusion in the middle part… and hope and friendship in the end part,” Camilleri told, “This was my first foray into the world of charity and fundraising and it feels great! Will definitely be repeated somewhere in the near future.”

The track, entitled ‘Friends’, was recorded separately from the musician’s homes or studios – including the drummer Fabrizio Giorgio in Australia.

Together with the Browns group, an encouraging €7000 was collected which was shared out between Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and the SiGMA Foundation and their efforts in  Ethiopia.

The song sees Camilleri and Aldo Spiteri on guitar, Giorgio on drums and Eric Wadge on bass, as well as Kersten Graham, Jonathan Ellul, Luke Grech, Peter Borg and Alexander Fenech.

Video Edit : Edouard Tabone DeMarco

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