Watch: Local app connects tutors and students for tailor-made experience

Local app LearnD is all about connecting students with tutors… from recurring lessons to one-off help with homework and assignments.

The app started off in 2017 when a group of University students, Matthew Attard, Luke Collins and Jake Xuereb after they realised that students needed a more tailored, one-to-one experience as far as ‘private’ lessons are concerned.

The app focusses on private tutorage with an individual and technological twist to cater for the technological developments which have become the norm in the educational sphere.

“Around two and a half years ago, we were really frustrated with the state of the education in the country,” Xuereb explained, “If you wanted some extra help outside of school, you were going to get the same thing you were getting in school; a class of 20 people, which is geared towards an exam, where you’re not getting something which is made for you… we thought that if you want to just crash-course for a test you have the week after or if you just want to work a past paper, there should be someone to help you. We thought University students were those people to help these young students. And we wanted to make an app that would facilitate this process.”

The LearnD app has subsequently been updated and improved. More information may be obtained from the website or Facebook page.