Watch: Local actor heading for the big leagues

My typical Saturday afternoons are usually split between coffee with friends and doing chores. This one was a little different… there  I was in Mdina on the set of Bollywood movie Bharat which was being filmed in Malta.

Cue lots of hustle and bustle with the always-busy crew members setting up a shot, while the stunning actress Katrina Kaif (who was wearing the most gorgeous emerald-hued sari as seen in the tweet below by the film’s director Ali Abbas Zafar) is having her make-up touched up.

Minutes later Salman Khan – who just happens to be the highest-paid Bollywood star in the world – shows up ready for filming surrounded by four or five very well-built and rather scary bodyguards. We exchange a smile and a ‘hello’. It is quite a surreal moment.

However, it is not either of them I am here to meet, although I’m sure I would have got on like a house on fire with Kaif who, like me, lists Radiohead and Muse as two of her favourite bands.

My interview is actually with local actor Joe Azzopardi who was working as part of the film crew that day.

A talented lad both in front of and behind the camera, Joe is the star of a full-length feature film called The Boat, directed by his father – a stalwart of the Maltese film scene – Winston Azzopardi.

Joe and Winston Azzopardi on the set of The Boat

The Boat, distributed by UK-based sales agent Carnaby International, was filmed in the Maltese seas and the Rinella Film Tanks. The thriller was written and produced by the father-son team and will have its premiere at the Fantastic Fest film festival in Texas, USA in September 2018.

Joe spoke to about the plot of The Boat and why it is important to the local film industry.

Disclaimer: since the film set was very hush-hush and no cameras were allowed, I managed to spirit Joe away off-set for a few minutes. Rest assured, that the music in the background of the interview is not from the film (Bollywood has NOT gone Disney so far) but from a cafe in the vicinity.

The Boat will be released in cinemas end 2018 / beginning 2019.