Watch: Lets tone down our ego -Chetcuti

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Sandro Chetcuti urged everyone including himself to tone down their ego. The Malta Developers’ Association (MDA) president said that this would help stakeholders to reach a compromise on the environment.

“The developer is a victim”

During his intervention at the first business meeting, Chetcuti stated that Malta had failed when it comes to planning.

He explained that entrepreneurs and developers end up becoming victims of bad policies created by the politician, the architect and the consultant.

Caritas Malta Communications Offer Marica Cassar rebated that the real victims are these families with young children that live in sub-terranean garages.

Social psychologist Prof. Mary Ann Lauri also reacted to Chetcuti’s words and said that overcrowding and pollution effects our physical and mental health.

From his end, Sandro Chetcuti added that these comments are making him aware that people are suffering because of bad planning.

The MDA president also discussed how the investor is under pressure to keep his books in the black, and how some of these investors are being helped by politicians.

MDA has been vociferous on its objection of ODZs as it is works out better in the economic sense. “better quality, higher prices and less competition”.