Watch: “Let’s have a laugh and keep strong” – the Treble Makers

Treble Makers founder Faye Micallef-Grimaud wanted to create something for the theatre youth group – which has over 100 members aged seven to 25 – to enjoy, even if it lasted a few minutes.

Micallef-Grimaud told that many of the members at the moment are either bored, lonely, sad, anxious or scared about what’s to come. 

“This situation, unfortunately, has turned everyone’s life upside down and has made us press the ‘pause’ button. The waiting and not knowing what’s going to happen to our futures, especially those who were meant to be sitting for O and A-levels this month, has affected many of the youths these last couple of weeks,” she said.

So she came out with a music video with each bit to be recorded by a different member.

“The Trebles are known for their fun music videos, so I thought why not create one during this tough time? So together with some other youths, I worked on creating a fun music video for our community to enjoy and have a laugh and to remind them that we’re all in this together and here for each other. To try to stay positive and keep strong. The video also shows different activities that may be done during this semi-lockdown, for example, keeping fit, cooking, video calling friends or just dancing and having a good time together with other family members.”

More projects are in the pipeline. You may check out their Facebook page – The Treble Makers Malta – for more information.