Watch: “Let’s clap for all the children whose lives have changed”

An event called ‘Clap for the Kids in Malta’ is being organised on Saturday 12th April to show how proud parents are of their children for the way they are coping during the current situation.

Sefora Tabone – who is a health care worker and mum to four-year-old Diego – told that the situation is hardest on young children, as they may not understand exactly why they cannot go out to meet family and friends.

“The children are having a bit of a rough time without school, without their activities, no football… anything that they had got removed. They are making a big sacrifice to stay inside,” she said.

Sefora is asking everyone in Malta and Gozo to go out on their balconies – with their children if they have any – and give a big round of applause on Saturday 11th April at 4.00 pm.

Clap for the Kids in Malta / Facebook

More information may be found on the Facebook event page.