Watch: “Leading a balanced life is important to me” – Debono Group CEO Geoffrey Debono

Very often, we tend to see CEOs – and, indeed entrepreneurs in general – as very much tied to their designation.

In the series ‘Another Side Of…’, aims to find out more about ‘the person behind the job’, as it were, asking a number of business people at the top of their field about their hobbies and pastimes as well as their social and personal life, over a meal.

In this episode, Coryse Borg speaks to Debono Group CEO Geoffrey Debono about his love of reading and his extensive travels. While acknowledging that it is not easy in this fast-paced world, Debono says he aspires to lead a balanced life; he makes it a priority, especially insofar as spending time with his family goes.

Thanks go to Under Grain restaurant in Valletta for providing the filming location and food.

Filming and editing: Sarah Salafia