Watch: “Laws alone not sufficient; a need for people with integrity”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Laws alone are not sufficient; honest people are needed to actually implement them. This was emphasized by the journalist and editor of Kurt Sansone who this morning was interviewed on 103 Malta’s Heart by Andrew Azzopardi.

Asked about good governance and how Malta can move forward on this aspect, Sansone said that it is not something that can be corrected by simply snapping your fingers, but there must be people with integrity who apart from the change in laws must enforce these laws wisely.


He mentioned a number of laws that came into force such as the Whistleblowers Act and the Freedom of Information Act, but added that they were not enough. 

Regarding the Panama Papers, Sansone said it is clear that there is a problem of apathy among them, resulting in investigations being carried out with limited resources and even delays in time. He claimed that this is currently being revealed in the public inquiry into the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and from the compilations of witnesses in court cases.

Sansone also spoke about the disadvantages of being a small country, because this brings difficulties in terms of rules that must be clear to all.

He said the locals are accustomed to calling the district politician to repair a problem such as damage to the sewer system. Sansone explained that this right to fix such things can be acquired by the citizen himself by calling the competent authorities.

Using this example, Sansone explained how although good governance and corruption are affecting the country, citizens do not always measure it with the same measure when it comes to voting. He stated that the citizen makes a personal assessment of what is affecting him and the country to decide on his/her vote.