Watch: “Laughter is the best medicine”

Rita has been a volunteer with Dr Klown for eight years, since the NGO established itself in Malta. She said that during their work they seek to entertain the children hospitalised at Mater Dei. She explained that not only do the children relax, but their families visibly enjoy themselves too.

Rita remarked that the organisation firmly believes that “laughter is the best medicine”, saying that although they will not cure the children undergoing treatment, they would at least help them relax. She explained to that Dr Klown has also an outreach campaign which sees volunteers going to schools and raising awareness about their work. They also bring to the students’ attention that sometimes a fellow student might be away for treatment.

Dr Klown was awarded the prize for the organisation in a ceremony organised at the Palace in Valletta by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS).

Corinne Woods, a member of the MCVS, explained to that the MCVS was organising activities for the voluntary organisations to promote their work. Woods also explained that this year the council is marking its 10th year anniversary. Gazebos were set up in Valletta for a week and representatives from various organisations interacted with the public to show their work.