Watch: Kurt Calleja’s 30th birthday bash in aid of Richmond Foundation

Kurt Calleja says that he believes that one of the rules of success is to give back… and since he has been relatively lucky in his career he wanted to share his success with Richmond Foundation, an NGO working in the field of mental health service provision.

Richmond Foundation is close to his heart as he has seen the work of this Foundation transform the life of persons going through mental health problems and helping them to have a successful life. That is why he has decided that proceeds from this concert will go to the foundation to help them in their important mission.

During this concert, which will take play on the 5th May at Aria Complex. Mr Calleja will be accompanied by professionals from the music industry who were crucial in his career.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Richmond Foundation Stephania Dimech Sant said that from their very first meeting Kurt had stated that he wanted to celebrate his 30 years by giving back. This, she said was an excellent example of solidarity – people who have been successful helping others who perhaps were not so lucky, but with a bit of help can make their life a success too. This kind of gesture will go a long way to help the Foundation to help people finding their way forward but also to encourage others to be generous.  She thanked both Kurt Calleja and Julien Liarte, Chairman of the Charity Committee of Stars Group who are the main sponsors of this event.

Mr Liarte said that Stars Group was always committed to helping the communities they work with and that they were happy to support this concert and the aim behind it.  He then went on to present a cheque to Richmond Foundation.

All those present solicited the general public to attend the concert to help the NGO to continue with its work while enjoying some good music.