Watch: Konrad Mizzi does not remember when he last met 17 Black owner

    Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

    Tourism Minister failed to reply whether he will resign after 17 Black owner and power station director was arrested early on Wednesday morning. Mizzi said he has not met Fenech ‘for awhile’ failing to specify when was the last time the two met.

    The media gathered outside the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon, asking government MPs whether they think that Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri should resign in view of Fenech’s arrest.

    17 Black director Yorgen Fenech resigns from Tumas Group

    Mizzi who was walking into Parliament was asked by when he last met Yorgen Fenech, said that he does not have any recollection when he last Fenech. He explained that he used to see Fenech when there was the power station project, adding that he was not involved in the said project anymore.

    More recently we met him as regards the tourism sector given that Tumas Group has investments in hospitality, Mizzi added. Asked whether they have met socially, Mizzi said “I haven’t met him socially for quite a while”. When pressed to define ‘quite a while’, Mizzi claimed: “I don’t have any recollection of when, I don’t have any contact with him.”

    ‘No connection to 17 Black

    Mizzi claimed that he has no connection to 17 Black, adding that he had reacted at the time the story broke out. ‘Under oath I had explained that I have no association with 17 Black. I don’t know who it belongs to, to this day,’ Mizzi claimed. When asked about Macbridge he similarly replied that he did not know to whom it belonged to.

    In July 2018, MEP David Casa published the full version of a draft FIAU showing €1.3 million was wired to Dubai-based company 17 Black. Both Schembri and Mizzi had listed 17 Black as one of two so-called “target clients”, which were set to pay to their Panamanian companies.

    In a tweet, Casa reacted to the comments made to the press calling him ‘liar’.

    ‘We should let the whole process take its due course’ – Muscat

    Prime Muscat Joseph Muscat on his way to parliament said that one should let the current process take its due course, when asked about the future of his chief of staff. He stressed that today’s events show that the institutions work. 

    Muscat denied protecting top government officials linked to Yorgen Fenech. Speaking about after Fenech’s arrest in connection to the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, Muscat said ‘Facts speak louder than words. There is no impunity in this country.’