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A greater influx of jobs in Malta in tech and finance are expected as a result of Malta’s legislation in providing a regulatory framework for Blockchain technology to operate. The probable outcome is an increased demand for professionals specialising within these sectors, with specific expertise in further developing and integrating evolving technologies to positively impact a wide range of industries.

As companies within the iGaming and Fintech industries continue to project significant development and growth through the adoption of Blockchain and A.I. technologies, other major industries are set to similarly invest in digital innovation. Upcoming job opportunities in Malta are thus expected to reflect the current industry activity which is leaning towards digital transformation, and as a result, the demand for talented professionals to fill new specialised vacancies will become a critical factor for recruitment practice.

With a competitive job market in which the supply is yet to satisfy the ever-growing demand, Maltese companies can also shift their attention towards the gig economy. In tech sectors especially, the opportunity to pursue freelance work locally is on the rise. This allows one to work under their own initiative from one project to the next, and as a result, companies can secure top talent for specific, short-term projects. This type of talent acquisition is beginning to gain ground locally, meaning that freelance workers in Malta are expected to benefit from increased collaboration, obtaining greater job opportunities and diversification through increased contacts and referrals.

Opportunities for finance professionals also look promising. With technology further evolving in Malta, financial careers are set to match the growing demand too. The role of the accountant continues to evolve through new technologies which provide greater insight, allowing accountants to offer greater client assistance through increased decision-making responsibilities. Professionals in auditing and compliance are also maturing in keeping up to date with the latest financial laws and regulations affecting the market, generating a more profound demand for these jobs in Malta.

Further job opportunities in Malta for English-speaking foreigners are also on the increase, especially since the English language is an official language in Malta. This means that English speakers with the right requirements will always be welcome, adding cultural diversity to local companies. Apart from its economic facet, Malta remains an ideal destination to move to in terms of work-life balance, and with over 300 days of sunshine a year and a varied selection of great leisure spots and activities, it is no surprise that Malta remains a destination of choice for offshore talent.

Maltese companies should also stay up to date with industry trends to make the right decisions when it comes to securing top talent, both local and foreign. By understanding the company’s objectives and direction as well as analysing the current and upcoming trends of the technological landscape on their sector, better-informed decisions can be made in relation to the nature and practice of talent acquisition to fill the top jobs in Malta.

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