Watch: ‘I’ve been working towards reelection for the past 5 years’ – Dalli

Incumbent PL MEP Miriam Dalli was the first Maltese MEP to be elected to European Parliament on Sunday night. As the process is nearing the end, with some 20,000 votes yet to be checked, Dalli expressed her satisfaction at the result.

In comments given to shortly after the results started coming out, Dalli said that the result obtained on during these EP elections were the fruit of five years of work. She explained that her campaign was not a short campaign and that she has been working towards this result for the past five years.

The first MEP elected said that upon her return to the European Parliament she will continue working on the issues she has focused upon during the past five years, mainly the environment and clean energy, the quality of life and innovation, among others.

The quota is set to around 37,000 votes. Incumbent PN MEP Roberta Metsola (PN) is most likely to be elected after Dalli, followed by Alfred Sant (PL).

Alex Agius Saliba and Josianne Cutajar are most likely to be elected on behalf of Partit Laburista while incumbent David Casa is most likely to be reelected on behalf of Partit Nazzjonalista.