Watch: “I’ve been to London 30 times; more operations left” – Megan, 13

Megan Portelli, a 13 year-old girl has been to London over 30 times to undergo surgery, and she still has more operations to go.

Megan told that she’s currently in Form 3 at the Bishop’s Conservatory in Gozo studying biology, art, and home economics.

She got a lot of help from the Istrina team, adding that if it wasn’t for Istrina, she probably wouldn’t have been able to go to London so often. She went more than 30 times and underwent three operations. Her fourth surgery will be in March.

Megan said that despite everything, she is not sad. In her free time she doesn’t like staying indoors. Instead, she goes out and meets her friends. She wants to spend Christmas with her family and friends, and she will also be helping in Istrina.

Any plans for the future?

Megan wants to be a kindergarten teacher because she loves children.

“When I go to London I help young children. I think that I started liking children from when I went to London,” she said.

Megan concluded her interview by appealing to people to donate to Istrina to help children.

Video: Miguela Xuereb