Watch: “It’s not in the Church’s remit to tell PM what to do”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that the Church’s role is to lay out guiding principles. He explained that it was not in the Church’s remit to tell a Prime Minister what to do and what type of action should be taken.

Speaking during an interview on, Archbishop Scicluna spoke about his first meeting with the newly appointed Prime Minister Robert Abela.

The Church will continue collaborating with the state on initiatives which contribute positively towards the common good, especially when it comes to assisting the most vulnerable within our society, Archbishop Scicluna explained.

The first time Mgr Scicluna met Prime Minister Abela was during the annual Christmas lunch for those who would otherwise spend it alone which is organised by Caritas Malta and held at the Archbishop’s Curia. This was before the Partit Laburista leadership race which saw Abela getting elected. Abela accompanied by a number of youths, had paid a visit to the Archbishop’s Curia on the day.

Upon his appointment as Prime Minister, Abela had paid a courtesy visit to Archbishop Scicluna at Dar tal-Kleru, a clerical residency where ageing clerical residences live. The prime minister’s choice of location, exposed his humane side, Archbishop Scicluna explained during the interview.

Speaking about the courtesy visit, Archbishop Scicluna said that they spoke on areas where the government and the Church can collaborate. There are currently a number of ongoing projects between the two. He added that he valued Prime Minister Abela’s commitment to protect unborn children and his clear stand against abortion.

“It is everyone’s duty to lend their support to the new leader of the country,” Archbishop Scicluna said. He added that one should give him some time until the new prime minister can take all the necessary decisions which would send a sign of hope to the people of this country. The Archbishop described the Prime Minister as an “intelligent being, who is full of energy and fully capable of taking the decisions which need to be taken”.