Watch: “Interim” Secretary General since the role may change soon – Zammit Dimech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Francis Zammit Dimech, interim Secretary General for the Nationalist Party (PN), explicated that the term ‘interim’ in relation to his role is due to the upcoming structural reform within the party.

In an interview with Fr Joe Borg on 103 Malta’s Heart, Zammit Dimech explained that his temporary position has to do with the fact that the role of Secretary General as it is now may no longer remain the same within the PN.

Roles within the party

He said that there are multiple decisions to be made regarding the PN’s structures. Amongst others, such decisions include whether the role of Secretary General ought to remain as is, or whether it is to be shaped by different responsibilities; whether it is to change into a purely administrative or commercial role; and whether there ought to be completely new roles such as new definitions of President and Vice-President.

Zammit Dimech explained that the definitive roles ought to be concluded after there is a conclusive agreement on the reform that is about to happen. However, he believes that an interim Secretary General is needed especially given the previous Secretary General’s resignation. These ideas are what awarded him his post with 56 votes to 6.

He added that if the role of Secretary General remains as is, or if there is a similar role, he would be happy to continue offering his services to the party. However, should such roles no longer exist, he would comply with the new party structure.

The problem is one of unity

Zammit Dimech, when asked about the primary difficulty being faced within the PN, stated that it is one of unity.

He said that there needs to be a far clearer sense of unity amongst the members of the party. Such unity would then reflect in the party’s relationship with the people.

Why is the party struggling despite the political crisis?

Fr Joe asked Zammit Dimech how it is that PN gained nothing from the political crisis which started from the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination. On his end, Zammit Dimech responded that he believes this is due to an illusion the Government has managed to create.

He said that the call for ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s resignation was heard following the accusations of members forming part of his office being somehow related to Daphne’s murder. This is apart from accusations of corruption, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

However, he said that this was where the illusion was created: everything the people had been protesting about has not yet been resolved, despite the fact that Muscat stepped down. Zammit Dimech added that most think that all has been resolved, or close to resolved.

Fr Joe then pressed the question of the people viewing the PN as a hopeless party, and therefore preferring the current Government despite the associated scandals. Zammit Dimech responded that the PN is looking internally to be reformed and restrengthened.