Watch: University lecturer discovers a “praying Minister”

ALLA writes to Broadcasting AuthorityJitlob "right of reply" skont il-ligi.

Posted by Arnold Cassola on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

According to University lecturer, historian and blogger Dr Simon Mercieca it is not true that Tranport Minister Ian Borg blasphemed during the One TV programme Pjazza. Mercieca said that Minister Borg was praying.

Curiously enough not even Minister Borg was conscious that he was praying. The Minister also denied that he was blaspheming, as many viewers to the programme erroneously thought he was doing. He said that his invention of the new word “qalanqas” was just a linguistic feat and a contribution to the Maltese lexicon.

But the researcher Simon Mercieca is not impressed by the pleas of the Minister. He is adamant that the Minister was praying. He said that whoever used the word “Ħaqq” and than immediately adds the word “Alla” is devoutly invoking the name of the Lord asking the Almighty for justice to be done, given that “Ħaqq” means justice.

A person who was a fellow university student who together with Mercieca attending the lectures of Professor Wettinger told that Mercieca must have been dozing when Prof. Wettinger explained what many considers to be the mother of all Maltese’s blasphemies. According to our source Prof Wettinger clearly explained that “haqq” is a corruption of “aħraq”. So the two words together are not a pious invocation of the almighty as Mercieca is saying but the expression of a satanic wish that God is destroyed.

Borg appeared on TV show il-Pjazza on Tuesday. A video clip which was widely shared on social media showed an animated Borg appear to let an offensive swear word slip as he explained why he is proud of forming part of the Labour-led government.

Writing on Facebook, Minister Borg reacted to the several comments saying he had not said what was being alleged and that in reality the clip showed him saying a similar sounding phrase “ħa qalanqas… anqas, anqas…”

Tan-NET News qed jogħġobhom ixandru clip amplifikat fuq parti ta’ diskors li kont qed nagħmel fuq il-programm…

Posted by Ian Borg on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Infrastructure Minister was speaking about his achievements as a mayor, parliamentary secretary and minister saying he was proud of what the PL administration has achieved. He then asked whether others are proud of their political parties.