Watch: Inequality harms society – Grech

Milied Flimkien

Messaġġ fl-okkażjoni tal-kampanja Milied Flimkien

Posted by Bernard Grech on Saturday, December 19, 2020

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Opposition leader Bernard Grech celebrated the differences one finds in society and underlined their importance during a video message launched as part of the campaign Milied Flimkien. Such differences including holding a different political opinion and need to be respected, he said.

Life is beautiful and we encounter different characters along our path, Grech said. He warned, however, that where there is no respect for human dignity, social life breaks down.

“Inequality harms society. It does not matter that as humans we are different from one another, it is actually better. However, inequality leads to suffering,” Partit Nazzjonalista leader said.

There was a time when people were at a disadvantage because of their gender or their sexual orientation, Grech explained, adding that others considered people who are different from them as not “normal” and having something lacking. He noted that this is being ratified with many making an effort to ensure that everyone enjoys equal rights. He also spoke about discrimination based on colour of skin or race, highlighting that there are still elements of racism in Malta.

Grech highlighted that in politics one cannot expect that everyone embraces the same political colour. “Had it been so, we would not have a democracy ensuring freedom,” he said.

He then proceeded to mention some differences one finds in society including religious beliefs, the country of origin of individual members, or where one resides.

“There are those who believe that some religious belief is superior to another or that some country or locality is better than another. This is incorrect and unfair,” Grech said.

Christmas is a feast celebrating unity, Grech underlined, adding that his message was one of unity and peace.

“The son of God, Jesus, welcomed the shepherds, the poor workers and the three wealthy magi who came from afar, in the cave where He was born. This shows us that whoever you are, whatever you are, and wherever you come from, we are equal to one another and you have a place in our society,” Grech said.

He also described Christmas as a feast celebrating hope, underlining that this is a very important theme this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating effects and unprecedented challenges being faced by everyone on a personal, national and global level.

“We hope that in the coming months we can resume our lives as before but until then we should remain vigilant and safeguard our health and that of those around us. Christmas teaches us to recognize each other’s differences and embrace them. Together we can grow and make our society a better place,” Grech said.