Watch: “If we cage up those who come here, they will be filled with anger” – Archbishop Scicluna

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“If we cage up (naqfluhom ġo gaġġa) those who come here instead of welcoming them, they who would be already traumatised will be filled with anger. So I will reap what I sow,” Archbishop Charles Scicluna said while replying to questions by Fr Joe Borg during Newsbook Q&A streamed on on Friday.

Fr Borg asked how can the Maltese put Pope Francis’ advice into action, in reference to the Holy Father’s Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti where Pope Francis underlines the importance of welcoming and protecting migrants as well as integrating as a community.

Archbishop Scicluna explained that each and everyone of us is responsible for the welcoming of migrants. He mentioned the Balzan Parish Church which has welcomed over 100 migrants within its community. He remarked that one travels, one enjoys discovering different cultures, likewise, one can learn a lot from the migrants that live amongst us, adding that our economy depends on their work.

Migrants are our brothers and sisters

Archbishop Scicluna stressed that the migrants that live amongst us are our brothers and sisters and that we share the same Father.

He explained that brotherhood knows no borders. Archbishop Scicluna noted that his parents had emigrated towards Canada where he was born.

Mgr Scicluna noted that each family has that one relative who has migrated to another country in search of better future. He remarked that as Maltese we are in a better position to understand that we are all brothers and sisters.