Watch: ‘If we have built on sand, let us build on rock’ – Archbishop

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has called on the public to replace building on sand with building on the foundations of respect, love, integrity and honesty. The Archbishop’s Curia opened its doors to the public on Sunday, where one had the opportunity to exchange festive greetings with Archbishop Scicluna and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi. The morning was enlivened by a choir which sang Christmas carols as the bishops met those in attendance.

As a society we should identify where we have built on sand and, without waiting for its collapse, we should build on the foundations of respect, love, integrity and honesty.

Archbishop Scicluna highlighted that while it was easy to point fingers at others, one should start with themselves. He explained that one should take the opportunity and choose good over evil.

Addressing the public, Archbishop Scicluna explained that the truth can never be expressed by words of hatred, while justice can never mean vindictiveness. He further explained that truth and justice go together, similarly love and respect for one another.

Archbishop Scicluna quoted Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech who in his meditation reflected on the meaning of the manger. In his reflection, Bishop Grech explained that the manger represented the place where God meets us with our sins.

Those present were given a copy of the Maltese version of Pope Francis’ Apostolic letter, Admirabile Signum. The Apostolic Letter is on the meaning and value of the nativity scene and was signed in Greccio on 1 December.

In his message, Archbishop Scicluna also referred to Caritas’ Christmas lunch for those who are alone and which will be held at the Archbishop’s Curia.

Video: Curia – / Monique Agius