Watch: “If the corals die, we will all be affected” – Jose’ Micallef

In May 2018, Jose’ Micallef had an appendicitis attack and found himself in the hospital having surgery.

He had always been somewhat of a free spirit, and while recovering, his son Kurt told him, “Dad, when are you going to let go of your past and start doing things you always wanted to do? What is keeping you?”

Kurt’s words kept resonating in his head. Soon after that, Jose’ woke up and thought, is this all there is? He decided that it was time for him to take a leap and “give something back” to the world.

Always a lover of the sea, within a few days he had enrolled to volunteer in an ocean conservation project in Mexico where he would assist researchers collecting underwater data, while continuing training to become a scuba diver instructor.

His adventure started in January 2019 – the same month he turned 50 – and lasted for seven months.

Jose’ is back in Malta now and has recounted his amazing experiences to, including working with a reforestation project, witnessing a solar eclipse in Argentina and swimming with sharks. He says that his mission is to connect people to the ocean by demonstrating its beauty and how dependent we are on its state of being.

More information about Jose’s exhilarating trip may be found in his blog My Ocean Road.

Filming: Miguela Xuereb

Editing: Coryse Borg