Watch: “If I had superpowers, I’d be a hero because I’m awesome!” – Malcolm Galea

This week on Personalities OneOnOne, Coryse Borg takes the Galea family – dad Malcolm, mum Angele and children Ethan and Calum for a ride on a Tallinja On Demand bus… and hijinks and lots of giggles ensue!

If they had superpowers, would they be villains or heroes and why? What would be the best pet to have (we had some unusual answers from the children here)? And, finally, a burning question – possibly literally – who’s the best cook, mum or dad?

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Filming and editing: Sarah Salafia

Thanks to the wonderful Tallinja On Demand drivers Josette, Frankie and John.

This series produced by is made possible thanks to Malta Public Transport.

This interview was filmed pre-Covid-19. Face masks are now required onboard.