Watch: “I want a Church that defends liberty” – Mgr Grech

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech said that the Church needs to properly defend real freedom which allows mankind to grow and be fulfilled. This was during his interview on RTK’s Newsline when he pointed out that a few of the Church’s attitudes and decisions “don’t make sense” in a modern world.

Mgr. Grech’s vision of the Church in the future removes ‘classist’ tendencies, saying that there needs to be more space for Jesus Christ in a modern Church. He also spoke of his positive experience when meeting Maltese and Gozitan missionaries in Peru, saying that the Church in Malta stands to learn a lot from the Church there.

A project to benefit Gozitan students

The Bishop insisted on charitable action saying it gives credibility not only to the Church, but also to the Gospel. Here he referred to a relatively new project by the Gozitan diocese of opening two places for Gozitan students to stay in the case of wanting to pursue tertiary education, but not having the financial means. There are currently five students using this service.

Mgr. Grech also mentioned another project for Gozitan families to adopt a family of refugees, but only three families answered the call. At this point, Mgr Grech spoke of a letter he received from a father who told him that that Bishop’s ministry is very close to what parents have to face every day. They both want what’s best for their children, but they don’t always listen.

What experiences changed the Bishop after the divorce referendum?

The Gozitan Bishop said that two episodes changed him after the divorce referendum. Pastoral visits over the last three years have left him to make contact with different realities and view points which he wouldn’t have had he stayed in his office. He said that entering into the life of an individual will lead one to find a whole new Gospel apart from the written one. He insisted that it was important for every person, even bishops, to evolve with the help of the Holy Spirit.

When asked about difficult decisions he sometimes has to make, the Bishop answered that it is important not to compare his role to that of a CEO or manager. Meanwhile, he also said that the decisions he takes are the fruit of prayer, but he also isn’t ashamed to admit to his mistakes. However, he also said that sometimes his Ministry is one of solitude because the buck stops with the Bishop.