Watch: “I lost one of my greatest friends” – PM about Renald Falzon

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that he has lost one of his greatest friends when commenting on the death of Renald Falzon, Qormi Mayor.

Falzon died at the age of 46 just last Friday, after being found positive for Covid-19. A few weeks prior, he had lost his father to the same virus.

The PM said that he had gone to visit Renald at the ITU a week ago, but that he was unconscious. He described Renald as someone who was always there whenever he needed him. He also said that he talked to doctors, nurses and patients from behind a glass panel, and said that he has visited the ITU before and plans to keep visiting.

The PM said that he is disappointed in Bernard Grech’s comment on the passing of Renald. Grech, Nationalist Party Leader, paid his respects to Falzon, and said that the PM must shoulder responsibility for his death. The PM said that a pandemic should not be politicised.

When asked similar questions by journalists, the PM once again said that the pandemic is a reality across the world, and that the Government is trying to keep the situation under control. He stated that today’s numbers show this, in that there were more recoveries than cases.

At that moment, activists were gathered around Castille commemorating the 101 deaths due to the pandemic. Repubblika activists accused the PM of pulling the people’s leg, and started singing the national anthem upon his departure from Castille.