Watch: ‘I helped war victims’; ‘I couldn’t even make a cup of tea’

Giovanna Zammit and Mary Pace are both living in the same residence for the elderly in Ħamrun. The former is currently 100 years old and used to help WW2 victims, the latter meanwhile was having problems even making a cup of tea, and that’s where the Little Sisters of the Poor came in.

Giovanna told of a time of unfortunate sights during her work with the Blue Sisters Hospital in Malta. This was a small hospital treating people fighting in the war led by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

When asked how she felt about living in the residence, she said that she feels well and explained that she is respected. She said that, despite being over 100 years old, she still feels good. Giovanna said that, just like everyone else, sometimes she feels a little depressed, but then that goes away and she continues her normal life.

Mary Pace also spoke to about going through a very tough time in her life and, since she never got married, she lived alone. There was a point when she was so sick that she couldn’t even make a cup of tea on her own.

She has now been living in the Little Sisters of the Poor residence for more than four years and she insisted that she is very happy there. She explained that the residence is always clean, that there are many events organised even in the festive season, and that residents are given the liberty to carry on with their lives.

The Little sisters of the Poor residence welcomes people over the age of 60 whose pensions are so low that they cannot live a dignified life any more. According to Sr. Anastasia, their residents appreciate even the smallest things with constant thanks being given. She said that these people understand what it means to not have anything.

If you would like to help, you could visit the residence yourself or call on 21246630.