Watch: “I faced the pain and today I feel much better”

Sandro* imparts his experience on how he was left to his own means from a very young age as his parents had drug and other social problems.

His history forms part of the documentary “Il-Ġerħa tas-Solitudni – il-mixja lejn soluzzjoni” (The trauma of loneliness – the way to a solution). This true to life project has the executive production of the Faculty of Social Wellbeing within the University of Malta and the collaboration of Caritas Malta and it forms part of a project to create awareness on loneliness issues in society.

Sandro* chronicles how his loneliness stemmed from the fact that he had to find his own means from a very tender age as his parents had their own issue with drugs and other social problems. He talks about how his parents did not seek communication, his exposure to drugs in the household and his mother’s issues.

He also mentions how he was angry at society and how he and his siblings were perceived and judged by others and how this anger and lack of direction warped him into seeking solitude. However, he did come out of it as he faced the pain, worked on it and today is finding himself in a better frame of mind.

Loneliness is a negative state, marked by a sense of isolation. Caritas director Anthony Gatt explained how loneliness is the worse punishment that can be imposed by others. Professor Marilyn Clark from the Department of Psychology at the University of Malta also explained that a person feels lonely when there is a discrepancy between what is expected from society and what is truly happening is a specific situation.