Watch: “I enjoy the simple things in life” – Krystle Penza, Mvintage

Very often, we tend to see entrepreneurs and business owners as very much tied to their designation.

In the series ‘Another Side Of…’, aims to find out more about ‘the person behind the job’, as it were, asking a number of business people at the top of their field about their hobbies and pastimes as well as their social and personal life, over a meal.

In this episode, Coryse Borg speaks to Krystle Penza, founder and owner of Mvintage, who says that she enjoys the simple things in life, such as travelling, cooking (and eating!), reading and spending time with her family – which, she says, is her priority.

She loves doing arts and crafts with her young daughter Francesca, and says that although she sometimes feels guilty about spending so much time at her job, she hopes that she is a role model to her daughter and is teaching her that she can do anything she sets her mind to if she works hard enough.

The Penza family also includes Honey the Weimaraner – she goes to work with her every day and she is very much the company mascot who everyone cuddles and who even has her own tag.

Filming and editing: Sarah Salafia