Watch: “I don’t want my children to be afraid of going out” – Clare Agius #letschat

In this time of social distancing and uncertainty about the future, how are people coping? How do they spend their time at home?

‘Let’s Chat’ sees Coryse Borg having a light-hearted video chat with number of personalities in their homes.

During this episode, she speaks to TV personality and actress Clare Agius who says about the current situation: “I’m not unhappy… considering what’s going on, and how bad it could be, I actually have it good. Neither my husband nor myself are working on the frontline, so there’s an element of ‘safety’ that we feel, which is a privilege at this moment.”

Clare say that her two children are aware of what is going on but that she and her husband Paul try not to discuss it too much in front of them.

“We just skim through the news; there’s hardly any conversation about what’s going on,” she explains, “Of course we are aware of the situation… but basically, we just go about our day. I’ve noticed a little bit of anxiety with them wanting to come back home every time we go out, either to take the dog for a walk or for an errand. It’s understandable, but on the other hand, I don’t want them to be anxious about the outdoors.”

Intro by Sarah Salafia

Editing by Coryse Borg

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