Watch: “I am ready to serve where Delia thinks it is best” – Kevin Cutajar

Just after taking his oath in Parliament, new Partit Nazzjonalista MP Kevin Cutajar said that is willing to work in whichever area the Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia sees fit.

Dr Cutajar was speaking to Sylvana Debono during an interview on the Follow Up programme on 103FM RTK radio.

Cutajar is now occupying the parliamentary seat vacated by David Stellini, after the latter submitted his resignation and accepted a job in Brussels. Cutajar added that it is a privilege to be trusted with the seat according to the will of the Gozitan electorate.

When asked about his views about the way that he was given the seat –  after Jean Pierre Debono, originally selected by the same committee to occupy this seat, withdrew his nomination after he was involved in controversy about the vote between him and Cutajar – he said that these kinds of things happen not only politically but also in life in general.

Dr Cutajar, who is blind, said that his disability has taught him to take anything that happens in life as an opportunity to grow. Asked whether he felt ‘tolerated’ by the PN, Cutajar noted that last Saturday the executive took a unanimous decision to co-opt him. He added that he had been a part of the PN for over 13 years and had taken part in a number of elections – local council, general and European Parliament.